How to gain more Facebook followers

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The importance of social media is often overlooked by beginner DJs and producers. At the end of the day, we upload our music on SoundCloud, not Facebook, right? Wrong. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all just as significant as your SoundCloud and Spotify. Without them, how else will you tell the world about your new song? In this article, we’ll be talking about Facebook and how to take advantage of its powers.

Fill out your page

Regardless of how much music you’ve actually released, filling out your Facebook page is important. It shows that you’re busy and that the page is still active. An empty page is like an empty nightclub. Walking into an empty nightclub isn’t the best feeling. Often, patrons may think it’s empty because the venue is no good. Even if the venue is quite reputable and highly touted, this isn’t the image being conveyed to customers. Your Facebook page is the same. Do your best to fill it out, but refrain from posting too much content, as this can somewhat overwhelm people, leaving them unsure where to look. Posting fun content such as memes and jokes are good, but can sometimes wander off from the topic at hand – your music; use these sparingly. Mixes, however, are a good way to entertain your listeners with new music, without you having to actually produce new music. Offer to include a friend or fellow DJ’s track in your mix in exchange for a like and share of your page.

Don’t force exposure

Just because you can recommend your page to your entire friend’s list, that doesn’t mean you should. This comes across as fake and effortless and conveys the idea that you’re more focused on gaining numbers, rather than true followers. There are plenty of bots that can do this; you have the benefit of being human – use it. Sharing your brand new page, which people know nothing about is never a good idea. Before people make the decision, they need a valid reason to give your new project support. Explain what you’re about, what you’re aspiring towards and what they can expect along the way. In addition to this, showing your potential followers that you value each and every person equally is pivotal in acquiring fans who’ll engage with your posts and content. By not forcing your content in their faces and showing you see them as people, not numbers, potential followers may eventually feel more inclined to follow you anyway.

Understand who and where your audience is

Understanding the demographic and geographical location of your followers is an important step in deciding what to post, and when. In order to attract the greatest number of likes and comments possible, scheduling posts at optimal times that resonate with your followers is a must. Take a deep house DJ for example. We might find 50,000 deep house fans in New York but might also find 100,000 techno fans in Detroit. Just because there is a larger audience in Detroit, that doesn’t necessarily mean the DJ should target those in Detroit; there is no market for his sound in that location. Incidentally, the optimal times to post to Facebook in the United States’ Central and Eastern time zones are 9 am, 1 pm and 3 pm, on Sundays, Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays. Keep in mind, however, not everyone’s target audience will be at the aforementioned locations. Use Facebook Analytics to decipher your audience’s location and schedule your posts accordingly.