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Happy fans are the key to effective social media marketing

Marketing is a powerful tool. It can turn a product into an overnight success or turn a musician into an overnight superstar. That being said, without the support of happy customers or fans, marketing can only go so far. Word of mouth has proven to be much more valuable than marketing campaigns. Even with a well-orchestrated campaign, the product itself must provoke a positive response from consumers for the best result. In the current climate, advertising is much less trusted than public opinion and social media is playing a huge part in this change. Now anyone can voice their opinions online at the click of a button, changing the way people make purchase decisions. We’ve taken a look at why you should make public opinion your priority. Reputation is key The truth is that often, potential fans will take more note of what others are saying about you than they will about your campaigns. If you are disliked by fans, this will damage your reputation, and you’ll struggle to build a loyal fan base. Build trust with your following and prove that you are the right artist to follow. Building a positive relationship with your fanbase is imperative and can be integrated into your campaigns to make your content even more effective. Take a break from promotion In the music […]

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