Happy fans are the key to effective social media marketing

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Marketing is a powerful tool. It can turn a product into an overnight success or turn a musician into an overnight superstar. That being said, without the support of happy customers or fans, marketing can only go so far. Word of mouth has proven to be much more valuable than marketing campaigns. Even with a well-orchestrated campaign, the product itself must provoke a positive response from consumers for the best result. In the current climate, advertising is much less trusted than public opinion and social media is playing a huge part in this change. Now anyone can voice their opinions online at the click of a button, changing the way people make purchase decisions. We’ve taken a look at why you should make public opinion your priority.

Reputation is key

The truth is that often, potential fans will take more note of what others are saying about you than they will about your campaigns. If you are disliked by fans, this will damage your reputation, and you’ll struggle to build a loyal fan base. Build trust with your following and prove that you are the right artist to follow. Building a positive relationship with your fanbase is imperative and can be integrated into your campaigns to make your content even more effective.

Take a break from promotion

In the music industry, social media is absolutely filled with promotion on a daily basis. Everywhere you look there are posts about a brand new single, an album, a live show. Many artists don’t post anything other than promotion online. In reality, no audience wants to sit and read promotion non-stop. Eventually, promotion becomes robotic and the audience loses interest. As an artist, appearing robotic to your audience is an extremely negative issue, as it prevents you from building a truly meaningful relationship. In order to really connect with your audience, you must find a balance between promotion and humanity.

Standing out from the crowd

By promoting your releases the same way as other artists, your content is destined to be lost amongst everybody else’s. Fans are used to reading posts about tracks, why should they pay more attention to yours than anyone else’s? Limiting your promotional content and providing a more personal approach ensures that when you do promote, fans will be interested. As with all social channels, variety is key, without offering variety your promotion will be lost in the mix.


Quality over quantity

Providing quality music to keep your fans happy coupled with exciting social content is the perfect method for maintaining interest in your brand. Without providing quality music, fans will begin to lose interest in your brand and will start to drift elsewhere towards other artists who produce quality music more frequently. Keeping your fans happy is key to encouraging more engagement, as fans that are invested in your content are more likely to want to share it.

Overall, fans are much more likely to engage with artists who balance their promotion with real content geared towards their demographic. Diverse content is much more likely to provoke increased engagement and entertain your fan base as a whole. Without diverse content, your audience will become disconnected from your content and your campaigns will fail to reach their full potential. Always make sure to find the balance between marketing and providing exciting and open content for your fans to enjoy. Traditional promotion is not always the best option when promoting a release, and the less sales-oriented your promotion seems, the more engagement you will experience as a result. Effective promotion is about varying your content to provoke the best possible response from your audience. Don’t forget to be human and open up, interest in your content will grow as a result.