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How knowing your audience can improve your content

As an artist, one of the most vital components of maintaining an effective presence on social media is understanding your audience. Without knowing your audience, you will struggle to make a real connection and your engagement rate will suffer as a result. Many struggle to find the right methods for understanding their audience. Understanding your audience relies upon asking yourself a few simple questions and researching what the answers to those questions may be. Some answers may come naturally while some may require more thorough research, including through social media. Firstly, you need to think about why your audience is interested in your content. For many, music is an escape and a coping method for getting through their struggles in real life. For others, music is social and they like to connect with others through their favourite artists. These simple answers have already provided you with vital information that could aid you in developing your future strategy. By thinking about the use of music as a coping mechanism, you can strategize in order to make yourself more relatable. Consider sharing some of your own less personal struggles, without going into too much depth. You may want to share a post about missing home or feeling lonely on the road. Often, for people struggling with their own personal issues, they won’t […]

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