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How to encourage a higher volume of pre-saves on a release

Pre-save campaigns through streaming services are undoubtedly one of the very best ways to drum up excitement ahead of the release of a track or album. Allowing you to ensure that your most dedicated fans receive your new music instantly, the feature is a great method for generating an increased volume of streams and building an even bigger following across streaming platforms. It also provides artists with the opportunity to collect data on their fans for use in further campaigns like email newsletters. But, the benefits of using a pre-save campaign rely on your ability to encourage a larger number of fans to hit the pre-save button. In this article we’ll take a look at the best methods for ensuring a large volume of fans pre-save your track or album. Running a competition The single most popular method for encouraging fans to pre-save your track or album is by running a competition. Steve Angello is a great example of this style of campaign. Early in 2018, the Swedish musician released his long-awaited ‘HUMAN’ album, and prior to release he encouraged his fans to sign up and pre-save the album. In order to encourage the maximum number of fans to sign up, he ran an exclusive competition that required fans to pre-save for a chance to win an unlimited number of […]

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