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How to get a brand deal

The phrase “brand deal” is thrown around a lot these days with little meaning or understanding. It exemplifies the cohesion between the music industry and other parts of the private sector. Essentially, it’s the terminology used when a company pays you (the artist) to advertise their product. In this article, we’re going to break down the steps of getting a brand deal for your music brand, and also examples of how to pitch yourself. Identify the content of the deal that you want Firstly, you have to identify the content of the deal that you’re interested in. This could be things like money, national/international exposure, free stuff, or even equity in a company. Once this decision is made, it instantly becomes a lot easier to proceed with this exciting venture. The next item on the agenda to fulfil is a simple list of brands to work with. For example, you could look at companies already working with influencers in your niche, businesses related to your niche, etc. Using this method, it is recommended to create a list of 40-50 companies that you’d like to worth with. What you have to bare in mind is that not every business will reply – and so by increasing the number of companies you’re reaching out to, the higher the chance of success you […]

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