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How to improve your sales skills in the music industry

Sales within the music industry is a topic that’s certainly not talked about enough within the EDM community. Despite all the great branding that’s regularly exhibited on social networks, the majority of musicians aren’t great at sales in the slightest. After all, most people seem to consider “check my song out on Spotify” a good sales pitch. In reality, it’s absolutely horrific. That’s why in this article, we’re going to discuss how you can improve your sales skills within the music industry as a producer. Sales is essentially the process of generating a transaction between the consumer and your music brand. Whether it’s a Spotify stream, event tickets, or anything else, sales are absolutely crucial to the success of your music career. Marketing and branding are of course important parts of the equation. But think of it as a triangle: you need all 3 in order to sustain the shape. Numbers don’t lie and are often the determining factor in whether you get booked for a show, or almost anything else. After all, what promoter would want to book an artist with an extremely low number of average ticket sales generating from their brand? You get the idea. Many artists struggle to grow their social following or convert social media fans into Spotify streams. The truth is that they aren’t […]

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