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How to legally clear a sample for use in your own music

As an artist, samples will often be central to your tracks. The important thing to remember is that using samples without clearing them first could get you into some serious legal trouble. You cannot simply sample a piece of music already in existence, add it to your own song and start making money from it. If you have an entertainment lawyer and are unsure about your use of samples, make sure to consult them for their legal advice. As an electronic music artist, the samples you use will often be integral to your track. One of the most common examples of sampling is the use of clips from older tracks in order to bring iconic classics into the modern day. This is an incredibly common practise for artists, and often provides great results. The important thing to remember is to be careful. No matter how subtle the sample is in the full track, the rules are the same and it is important to stick to them, for your own benefit. Sampling scandals can be hugely damaging to an artists career, it is simply not worth the risk. But how exactly can you clear a sample before using it? Firstly, you should make sure to do your research. In sample clearance there are two different types, these are the master composition […]

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