How to organically increase your Spotify following over time

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Gaining a high number of followers on Spotify has endless benefits. Spotify remains the most popular music streaming platform in the world, and commands a massive 170 million users. Due to this, it is more important than ever to build an effective profile on the platform and gain as many followers as possible. People who follow you are much more likely to see your latest releases and hear about your upcoming shows. By following you, they will see your brand new releases in their ‘Release Radar’ playlist whenever you drop a new track, which will make them much more likely to listen early on, and followers will always be notified when you plan a live show in their area. But what are the methods for gaining more followers? We’ve taken a look at the methods you can use to greatly expand your following on Spotify.

Social media

One of the major aspects involved in effectively expanding your following is advertising on your social media channels. Whenever you release a track, make sure that the Spotify link to the track is visible and prominent in all of your social posts, from the preview right the way to official release. Make sure that as many of your followers as possible are aware of your Spotify presence, and encourage them to follow you. You may even want to add your Spotify profile link into your social media bios to enable quick access for fans. As long as you make it known that you are prioritizing Spotify as a listening platform, your fans will soon take note and connect with your content there. Although simply asking fans to follow you may not cause drastic results instantly, don’t be disheartened, your following will gradually begin to grow as time passes.

Contacting playlist owners

Another method for gaining more followers on Spotify is contacting playlist owners and asking them if they’d be willing to feature one of your recent releases on their playlist. Only ever contact owners of playlists that your track would actually fit into, don’t spam every electronic music based playlist owner on Spotify. It is important to take the time to evaluate the most suitable playlists and write an effective message or risk being ignored and wasting your time completely. As with most aspects of promotion, research is key, and taking the time to look into which playlists to prioritize could save you time in the long run. Featuring in popular playlists is ideal for gaining followers, as it will expose your music to an array of potential fans. If listeners like your sound, they’re likely to hit the ‘follow’ button to keep up with your content.

Expand your profile

It is also a good idea to make your own playlists. Create a quality playlist that will prove popular with listeners and conveniently feature a couple of your tracks in the mix. Some listeners may even discover your music through your playlists, and decide to follow you. Every successful artist curates their own Spotify playlists in order to generate more interest around their profile, this demonstrates that it is a beneficial activity. The more traffic you can drive to your profile, the more your follower count will grow.
The key to really increasing your following on Spotify is increasing the number of people viewing your page. This can be influenced by all of the factors above, so make sure to curate your own playlists, contact playlist owners, and make your Spotify profile link a major feature in your campaigns. Increasing your follower count is a hugely important activity as it increases the number of people who will be exposed to your Spotify campaigns and upcoming show notifications. Ultimately, having an increased number of followers can only be beneficial for you and your brand.