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As one of the most important social media platforms for artists to utilize, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your Instagram profile reflects you as positively as it can. Giving the right first impression with a professional-looking Instagram account can make the difference between experiencing a follower increase or a decrease. Here are some of the main rules to stick to in order to make sure that your Instagram represents your brand well.

Profile photo

Firstly, make sure that your profile photo is on-brand. Your photo should reflect your branding in some way, it should tell your audience who you are and what kind of content they should expect from you. Naturally, your profile photo should always be a high-quality image to avoid looking unprofessional. Make sure the photo does not appear blurred or pixelated in order to represent your brand as well as possible. If your profile photo is your logo, make sure the logo is identical to the logo used across the rest of your platforms, any lack of continuity can cause confusion among your audience.


Set an appropriate username to make sure that your existing fans can easily locate your account. Your username should remain the same across social media platforms and should clearly display the name you use as an artist. It is important to think about how people will search for you and the phrases they may use, making sure that your profile will appear when people search your artist name. Try not to use too many numbers or symbols if your preferred username is already taken, keep it short and simple.


Make sure to describe yourself well in your profile bio, but keep it short and sweet. Give people key details on who you are, where you’re from, and include the fact that you are a DJ. Using emojis as part of a list is a great way to draw focus to the bio itself and highlight key details about who you are. If you use a specific hashtag on your posts it is beneficial to add his hashtag to your bio so that visitors can effortlessly navigate to all of the posts under that hashtag.

External link

Instagram gives you the option to include one external link in your profile, make sure that this link is something relevant to your brand. As an artist, you may want to add a link to your latest release on Spotify or your own website. Ensure that the link is correct and works effectively, without a link that functions you could be losing out on valuable clicks. The chances are, if somebody stumbles upon your profile and wants to find out more about you, they will follow the link.

Call-to-action button

If you are using a business account, Instagram offers the option for a call-to-action button to be added. This could include a button to purchase tickets, or a link to send an email to a contact address in order to book you to play a show. If you do decide to use a call-to-action button, Instagram will then allow you to track its effectiveness and see how many people actually use it. Call-to-action buttons have proven to work highly effectively on social media platforms like Instagram for brands and artists alike.
Overall, putting together an effective Instagram profile is all about standing out for the right reasons. With an attention-grabbing image that fits with your brand alongside a professionally worded bio, you will soon see the benefits and your audience numbers will increase exponentially. Without a professional Instagram presence, you will struggle to reach your full potential as an artist and your rate of growth will suffer as a result. Make sure that your Instagram truly represents you well, giving outsiders an insight into who you are and persuading them to connect with you long term.

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