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How to make sure your Instagram profile is optimised

As one of the most important social media platforms for artists to utilize, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your Instagram profile reflects you as positively as it can. Giving the right first impression with a professional-looking Instagram account can make the difference between experiencing a follower increase or a decrease. Here are some of the main rules to stick to in order to make sure that your Instagram represents your brand well. Profile photo Firstly, make sure that your profile photo is on-brand. Your photo should reflect your branding in some way, it should tell your audience who you are and what kind of content they should expect from you. Naturally, your profile photo should always be a high-quality image to avoid looking unprofessional. Make sure the photo does not appear blurred or pixelated in order to represent your brand as well as possible. If your profile photo is your logo, make sure the logo is identical to the logo used across the rest of your platforms, any lack of continuity can cause confusion among your audience. Username Set an appropriate username to make sure that your existing fans can easily locate your account. Your username should remain the same across social media platforms and should clearly display the name you use as an artist. […]

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