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The rise of techno: should we still call it the underground of the music industry?

During the 90s, Detroit techno was considered to be a foundational pillar of music industry culture. With large talents such as Joe Smooth, Frankie Knuckles, and DJ Sneak, it quickly became the birthplace of techno as we know it today. With the rising mainstream EDM movement including artists such as Martin Garrix, Cheat Codes, Dillon Francis, and many more, there is certainly a proposition to be asked: is techno still within the realms of the underground? Due to the ever-increasing presence of social media within our lives, distribution of the techno genre is extremely frequent due to the inclusion of tracks in Spotify playlists, club sets etc. In this article, we’re going to explore techno in the modern day, and if it should still be classified as the underground of the music industry. As genres get more and more attention, they typically become at risk of “selling out” due to the vast amount of producers wanting to become mainstream and generate revenue from their music. Although it’s almost undeniable that techno is on the rise once more, the typical scenario of producers “hopping on the bandwagon” may not be the case for techno. Due to the long-tail of producers around the world producing different genres of electronic dance music, it is unlikely that the majority will shift genres to techno […]

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