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Marshmello: How to build your brand to become an EDM superstar

Over the past couple of years, Marshmello has undoubtedly become one of the biggest EDM superstars of our generation. With billions of views, Spotify streams, and collaborations with A-List celebrities, it seems as if there is no stopping the growth of this talented producer. Having established his brand and become internationally recognized by people all over the globe, we’ve put together a giant case study on how he grew to superstar status. After all, the hope is that you will use the information to further your own career. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how the project started, the strategy behind his growth, and the logic behind the branding. Out of the millions of producers out there, only a small percentage end up getting millions of streams and touring around the world. But of course, only one has managed to achieve that dressed in a Marshmello helmet. With his tracks consistently gaining upwards of 100 million Spotify streams, he has quickly become one of the highest paid producers within the entire entertainment industry. During an interview, his manager (Moe Shalizi) said that he wanted to create a project “that’s not driven by who it is, or what it’s about”. Essentially, he wanted to create a faceless brand. After the Marshmello project was established in 2015, he […]

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