Oculus Rift releases exciting VR DJing app ‘Reality Decks’

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In the current climate, VR is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year, allowing gamers around the world to experience games like never before. With the technology continuously becoming more advanced, more and more previously unforeseen opportunities are becoming a reality. It was only a matter of time before the art of DJing became possible through virtual reality, and an app has now been released making this possible. Oculus Rift have now revealed their new VR DJing app called ‘Reality Decks’.

Oculus Rift

Released just two years ago, Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that forms a division of Facebook Inc. The headset was a huge step forward in technology, allowing users feel completely immersed when playing games. The headset enables users to look around and feel as if they are actually inside the game themselves. Not only used for gaming, Oculus Rift also has an Oculus Cinema application that enables users to view movies and videos inside a VR cinema environment. The headset has also been used for education, and is set to have social applications added. As the technology is still relatively new, there is still plenty of room for improvement and development. The VR industry is definitely one of the most exciting industries out there.

Reality Decks

Oculus Rift’s new VR DJing app, Reality Decks, is available for purchase for only $19.99. The revolutionary app allows users to feel as if they are performing a real life DJ set with real vinyls, all while simply wearing the Oculus Rift headset. The app includes 10 free tracks from artists including Fuzzy, Robot Riddims and Yesterday. It also includes 25 vocal hooks, and six instructional videos to help beginners learn the basics. The app is based on the RDT-100 turntable and the RDM-100 mixer, both specifically designed for virtual reality use. The experience is so lifelike that users will almost feel as if they are performing a real set.

Perfect for budding DJs

Although the app is ideal for recreational use, it is also an ideal training tool for those without the ability to purchase real equipment. The app could be the gateway for many young beginners into the world of DJing, and could provide basic learning for those who cannot afford to purchase equipment. Although, of course, VR will never be totally in line with real life, this app is about as close as VR can get to real life DJing. With the in-built ability to record mixes directly from the app itself, beginners will be able to learn and develop their mixing skills over time.

Vinyl Reality

While the app revolutionises digital mixing, it is not the first virtual reality app to include allow users to experience performing as a live DJ. Germany’s EntroPi created their own app, Vinyl Reality, in 2017. Vinyl Reality shares a lot of similarities with Reality decks, as both apps focus on a virtual mixing experience. Both apps use vinyl mixing as their focus, and offer the ability to record mixes. The main difference between the two apps is usability, and undoubtedly preference between the two will vary person to person. As an increasing number of music-focused apps hit the VR market, becoming a musician is now more accessible than ever before.

Now that multiple DJ virtual reality apps are in circulation, the foundation has been built for technology to explore the subject even further. With time, the usability will no doubt be developed even further, and the apps will continue to become even closer to real life. Who knows, maybe in the future artists will even be able to perform live sets to an audience through a virtual reality app in real-time, only time will tell.