Promoting your upcoming events using your Spotify profile

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As the world’s post powerful streaming platform, Spotify continues to grow its influence exponentially year after year. With over 170 million users, the platform has a staggering potential reach, providing a huge opportunity for artists to make an impact on the global market. Due to this, spending a great deal of time fine-tuning your Spotify profile is a valuable and rewarding exercise, with the potential to have a huge impact on your career as an artist. One of the main aspects of your Spotify profile is the inclusion of your upcoming live shows, which are displayed in the ‘concerts’ tab. Making sure to feature your upcoming events on your Spotify profile can greatly improve ticket sales, as a huge amount of your fanbase worldwide will likely regularly visit the page. Since its launch 10 years ago, Spotify has experienced exponential growth. Although rather controversial over its low royalty payments, the platform remains the world’s favourite streaming service, and continues increase its influence. Most would argue the key to its success has been its selection of quality playlists catered to all kinds of listeners, making the discovery of new music all the more enjoyable for users. Due to its popularity, it is a hugely beneficial platform for artists to market their events. But how do artists publish their events on the platform?

Listing your events on your profile

Spotify has partnered with event sites in order to display concerts its artists are due to perform. These sites include; Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite and AXS. Listing your upcoming event on any of these sites will display it on your Spotify profile automatically, allowing listeners to navigate to the site and purchase tickets. Within the concert tab itself, there are two sections; ‘near you’ and ‘other locations’. The ‘near you’ section is prioritised, instantly directing fans to the shows that are within their local area, but also allowing people to view your shows that are further afield. Spotify also sends bi-weekly emails to its users, letting them know about events in their area that involve artists they interact with on the platform. This generates a huge amount of extra interest around events, securing even more ticket sales.

Making sure your fans don’t miss a show

In order to make the most of this feature it is vital that your fans follow your Spotify profile. Without connecting to your profile, they will be unlikely to see the events added to your page. For this reason, it is imperative to consistently encourage your fans to follow and engage with your Spotify profile. You may choose to do this by orchestrating a giveaway for those who follow your profile, this is a great way to build your following on the platform. You may even choose to make one of your tracks exclusive to Spotify to force people to link up with you using the platform. However, as long as you consistently share Spotify links to your content with each release, you will see a gradual organic growth on the platform.

Having your shows featured on your Spotify profile is an ideal method to increase ticket sales and generate interest. The people who connect with your Spotify are the most likely to want to attend your shows, making them the ideal audience to target with advertising. This advertising will prove highly valuable when marketing your events, as it will reach a high volume of people instantly, and will target exactly the right individuals. Advertising your shows on your Spotify platform is another step on the way to generating success, and will make your profile appear more legitimate and professional as a result. The more events you appear to be doing, the more you will appear to be an in-demand artist who audiences should pay attention to. Ultimately, anything you can do to market your events online will have a positive impact on your career.