The best services available for pre-save campaigns

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In a previous article, we discussed the importance of using the pre-save feature on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer to create anticipation around a specific release. By allowing users to pre-save your track or album you create the perfect opportunity for gaining limited access to your fans’ Spotify accounts, enabling you to insert your own playlists at your leisure. You also gain a great deal of data allowing you to add fans to your email mailing list. The benefits are endless, but creating a pre-save option for your fans does cost, and you must enlist a third party service to help you. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best services out there for creating a pre-save link.

As simple as creating a pre-save link may seem, it is actually something that you cannot do on your own without the help of an external service. Many may be left sceptical about the importance of spending a volume of money on enlisting a third party, but the pros far outweigh the cons. You may not need to offer fans the option to pre-save every single track you release, but if you’re planning to release an album, offering pre-save is incredibly important when building anticipation ahead of time.

Feature FM

Creating pre-save campaigns is just a small aspect of Feature FM’s overall offering. As a company, they specialise in music advertising and generating more streams for artists of all genres. As part of their overall package, Feature FM offers the option to send every single one of your releases straight into your fans’ Spotify library. As well as this, the platform offers real-time analytics to show you exactly how well your campaign is running and if you’re achieving the numbers you had hoped. As part of their offering, Feature FM promises to boost the number of streams you receive, get your music added to playlists to generate more interest, and help build your audience around the world. Feature FM has already worked with Major Lazer and Dillon Francis, among other music industry leaders. Find out more about Feature FM here.

Pre-Save To Spotify

This aptly-named service simply focuses on the pre-save feature rather than offering a whole marketing package. Pre-Save To Spotify offers campaigns that incentivize fans with competitions, grow your following and increase your streams, and encourage fans to pre-save your content, building anticipation early. According to Pre-Save To Spotify, their campaigns result in users following the artist, label and playlist, as well as collecting their data for future email updates. Pre-Save To Spotify also provides real-time analytics sharing the success of your campaign, allowing you to evaluate whether you have achieved your goals and if not, why you have not succeeded this time around. According to the website, the service offers options for all budgets allowing every artist to improve their Spotify strategy. Many major labels have already used the service including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Columbia, to name just a few. The Chainsmokers used the service to build anticipation for their ‘Memories Do Not Open’ album, proof that major artists value the service as a means for building anticipation for a release.

Presave IO

The Presave IO service doesn’t just operate on Spotify, but on Apple Music and Deezer too. The platform offers artists the opportunity to build a much greater fanbase on each of the streaming services and offers custom domains. Like the rest of the options, Presave IO offers analytics that help artists to understand where their campaign worked well and where it did not. It also offers geo-specific data, helping artists to see which countries responded well to their campaign and which did not. Presave IO has worked with a number of top producers including Don Diablo, Thomas Gold, and Axwell, to name just a few. As well as major artists, the platform has worked with top labels including Dim Mak, Wall Recordings and HEXAGON. In total, the platform has provided over 184 clients with over 322,393 pre-saves from fans.

Presave IO is undoubtedly a low-cost alternative to the other major platforms offering Spotify pre-save. Its cheapest package comes in at just 9 euros per month and includes pre-save on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. It also has the ability to allow up to 1000 saves as well as making sure that pre-saving fans follow the artist. The higher-priced option is 29 euros per month and offers artists the option for unlimited saves, as well as collecting email addresses from fans, and making sure that fans follow the artist and their playlists on streaming platforms. The most expensive package (price on request) even enables artists to run competitions, create custom sub-domains and collect geo-data.

There are, of course, pros and cons to using any of these services. Ultimately, the best way to find out which one you prefer is to do in-depth research and listen to recommendations from fellow artists. Although each of the platforms offers pre-save, each is different and offers completely different options for artists. Your choice will depend on your budget and exactly which features are the most important to you as an individual. The best way to find out exactly what each individual platform can offer is to reach out to each one and ask them to provide you with more details as well as an indication of price. This way, you will be able to know for sure that you have selected the right option for your brand.