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The secrets to writing a great artist biography

When it comes to many events or festivals scouting for talent to add to their line-ups, the first pit stop many organizers will take is to peruse websites like Resident Advisor or an artist’s social profiles – which most commonly contain a bio in the ‘About Me’ section. As a press manager or head of the label, the bio is the instant tool in gaining the attention of the audience when attempting to gain traction to your artist’s most notorious achievements. So how can the ‘perfect bio’ become constructed? And most importantly, what are the key steps in collating – and then presenting – the information of a producer’s career, to help boost their status globally? Step 1: Research Like all projects, research is the most pivotal part of the process, and in order to comprehensively provide the reader with an in-depth tale of an entire career, your own knowledge needs to be razor sharp. The chief copywriter at music PR company ‘Listen Up’ – who have represented just about every face in the industry, including Tiësto, Avicii, Marshmello, and many more over the years – stated that, “Often, the most fruitful method revolves around asking a series of questions which you can later answer throughout the biography”. For example: Where are you from? How did the DJ’s nationality relate […]

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