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Tips for social media growth on Facebook

We all may have had that moment on social media when we see someone else’s page with so many likes, comments, followers, etc, and wonder how they did it. What are their methods and how can you implement them to stimulate your own social media growth? Growing on Facebook depends on various factors and it greatly depends on the content and its consistency.  Content presentation Let’s start with your content. The content you provide on the page for others to see will play a huge part in determining how many fans will follow you. People are always willing to follow a page with one of a kind content. The content they know they won’t be able to hear or see somewhere else is the foundation of what will drive people to follow you. Also always make sure to present this content in an amusing way. Let’s say you would like to release a track you’ve produced. Just the track on its own is unique because it is yours so why not present it better? Along with having your content, you should be able to showcase it in a way where your personality is evident. Showing your personality and originality in every aspect of your art is key to increasing your followers. Organized platforms Keep your pages organized. Optimizing your page’s SEO can […]

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