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Using kindness to aid your success in the music industry

Kindness is undoubtedly one of the most important traits in the music industry if you are looking to achieve success. After all, a lot of achievements are in-part due to the connections and relationships that we have. For example, getting a million Spotify streams on your song would be due to the strong relationships with curators. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can use kindness to progress your career, and why It’s an extremely important trait if you wish to be successful. 99% of the time, people within the music industry give with a clear expectation of receiving something in return. For example, if a blogger writes up your song, they’ll often expect social media posts based on the article across your Facebook and Instagram. However, it is this exact style of thinking that often stifles many people from achieving their ambitions. If they are simply able to generate positive relationships with people across the EDM industry, it gives them leverage in the future when they actually need something. For example, an artist could constantly invite bloggers to their shows (without the clear expectation of a write up every time) just to build a relationship. Then, when the time comes in which they release new music, the artist has extremely strong relationships to guarantee a great presence […]

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