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Airplay for independent artists

The radio has been beneficial for many artists in the music industry. Although people have more options now to select the music they want to listen to with streaming services, people still flock to the radio to hear what’s popular today. Radio promotion is one of the best ways to get ahead on spreading your content and with radio stations being accessible on the internet, anyone globally can tune in. We’ve all Shazamed a song we’ve heard on the radio or anywhere at least once in our lives, but what if you can get that to be your song that people are eager to find? As an independent artist, you have to put in a bit more work to spread your content, but what if we can ease some of the stress that comes with it by providing you with a few admirable services? Celestial Radio Celestial Radio is one platform that features music only created by independent artists. Offering a wide variety of music, they opened up their audience consisting of people with various interests. With a goal to push artists who have just started, Celestial Radio maximizes the reach of your content by recommending and spreading it. Along with that, they also offer cross-platform promotions on SoundCloud, IHeartRadio, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Offering a 45-minute block on […]

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