How to convert Facebook Ad traffic into Spotify streams

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Facebook ads are certainly a wonderful way to promote your website or Spotify track. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, the whole process may lack results, and thus you’ll end up feeling frustrated. Many people try to use the wrong ads objective to achieve a certain result, and so they end up feeling the Facebook advertising platform is terrible. For example, there have been countless occasions of people trying to generate sales via traffic ads (when it should be conversions). 

When running a Facebook advertisement, there are 3 types of goals that you can have in mind. Awareness is essentially telling people about your brand and making it known amongst your target audience. Likewise, consideration allows people to consider purchasing from you. A great ad objective for this goal is generating leads through the platform. Finally, you can convert the potential prospects into paying customers. When running traffic ads, there is some terminology that you should be aware of in order to perform the task most efficiently:

  • The conversion rate is the percentage of people that stream/buy your music.
  • The frequency is how often somebody sees your advertisement.
  • ROI is the return on investment. You want to be making more than you are spending.
  • The cost per click is how many people simply click on the ad.

But despite all this terminology, there are some mistakes that a lot of advertisers seem to make. For example, if they are advertising an expensive product, they are targeting areas of the world that may not be able to afford it. Someone in Malawi may not be able to afford a product worth thousands of dollars. This is simply due to the average income levels of the country. Therefore, targeting locations with moderate income are extremely important. These include the likes of USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc. Although you may get thousands of clicks in poorer countries, it may not yield a single sale if the demographic can’t afford it. Therefore, spending a slightly higher amount for a demographic that can easily afford your product is definitely worth it.

Another thing to focus on is the age of your customer. Generally, people aged under 30 are more likely to impulse purchase items such as festival tickets. Therefore, it’s worth experimenting with different age groups to see what works well. When doing traffic ads specifically for Spotify streams, having great targeting is extremely important. After all, you want to ensure people actually listen to it. Therefore, run ads only in the countries that Spotify is present. To save time, running worldwide ads against people aged 13-25 with an interest in EDM and Spotify tends to work well. 

Another section worth talking about is the demographics in the Facebook targeting platform. For example, you can target financial earners in the top 5% of the nation’s income. Likewise, you can target political interests, relationships, and so much more. The opportunities to generate Spotify streams from the Facebook ad platform are literally endless. With the right amount of learning and practice, you can easily start generating tonnes of Spotify streams without the need of being regularly featured in editorial & independent playlists.