How to take full advantage of a pre-save campaign

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A Spotify pre-save campaign can provide you with seemingly endless benefits, from collecting email addresses to building excitement ahead of a release. There are several platforms out there making the process incredibly easy and low cost for artists, providing pre-save capabilities and running complex campaigns to run alongside. As the benefits of a Spotify campaign are endless, it is important to get the most out of the data you collect. We’ve taken a look at the methods you can use to get the best out of your pre-save collected data.

Capturing fans’ email addresses

Firstly, if you pay a little more for your pre-save service you can capture email addresses as part of the campaign. This is a great way to collect this data as usually in order to collect email addresses you would need your fans to sign up using your website, something which they’re unlikely to do without an incentive. Using a pre-save campaign is an ideal method for capturing this data as fans are forced to provide the details you require in order to pre-save or enter the competition you’re running alongside the pre-save campaign.

Gaining Spotify permissions

When fans pre-save your track they will be diverted to a page where they are required to accept certain terms and conditions, giving you specific accesses to their account. Through this, you are able to add playlists and follow playlists through their account. Make sure to add enticing playlists that they will not unfollow upon realising that it wasn’t them who followed in the first place. Despite having access to your fans’ accounts, you still need to make sure that the content you’re introducing them to is something that they will enjoy in the long run.

Linking with your fans’ Spotify accounts can prove incredibly beneficial, but only if you keep providing content for them at the right level in order to retain their interest. As soon as the individual in question feels that you are taking too many liberties with their account, they’ll lock you out again, rendering the whole process a waste of time. For this reason, it’s important to make the most of the tools available while being careful not to anger your audience.

Using geo-data to find out more about your fans

Many of the pre-save services offer artists the ability to track geo-data, illustrating where the artist’s campaign proved most and least popular. By finding out exactly which countries are more eager to pre-save your album or track, you will get a much better idea of which countries support you the most. This is incredibly useful data to have on your hands when planning a tour or trying to get booked by major festivals. You may even be surprised by the data and find that a particular country supports you more than the rest, meaning that you should make sure to perform a show there and target those fans more often.

Using analytics to track the success of your campaign

Like all campaigns, your pre-save campaign will include a great deal of analytics that will be able to show you how successful or unsuccessful your strategy was. When you run a campaign, one of the most important things of all is checking to see whether the choices you made impacted positively or negatively on the end result. If you didn’t reach your target, try and ascertain why this happened and how you can improve your strategy in the future. If you did exceed your target, take a look at what worked well in your campaign in order to replicate these tactics in the future. In order to see which aspects of your strategy worked well it is beneficial to take a look at each of your social media posts and see which ones gained the most traction. Do you think most of your pre-saves came from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? These details are important as they help you better-understand your fanbase and see whether you have been successful on each individual platform.

Although all of these strategies must be implemented after your pre-save campaign, there are some strategies that must be used during the campaign in order to get the best possible results. You must make sure to run a giveaway of some kind alongside your pre-save campaign in order to maximise the number of people opting to pre-save your track or album. This could include offering fans the opportunity to attend one of your shows for free or giving away a valuable piece of merchandise. This way, you can ensure that you are able to collect the data of as many fans as possible, in order to implement the techniques mentioned above.

Running a pre-save campaign can be costly if you decide to make use of the best tools and options available, making using the data effectively even more important. Make sure to explore all of your options and ensure that you make the most of the data you collect using your pre-save campaign, it could be your best opportunity to collect data on your most loyal fans. A pre-save campaign is one of the very best opportunities to create excitement ahead of the release of a single or album, so make the most of the chance to increase engagement and connect with your fanbase across platforms. Using the pre-save feature can only help your fanbase grow, so don’t be afraid to explore your options.