What is the significance of brand partnerships?

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Brand partnerships can bring an abundance of growth to your career in many ways. By collaborating on projects with brands, you and your content will be exposed to a variety of crowds. Collaborating with a brand will not only propel the brand to achieve more exposure but will also do the same for you.

Brand Collaborations

The more versatile you are, the more it will benefit you in the long run. Getting your head acquainted with business knowledge will only boost your platform as an entertainer as well. Brand partnerships have become even more important in the past few years with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram. Brands have collaborated with many influencers around the world, whether it be promoting beverages, to a clothing line, almost anything imaginable. Remember that initially, it doesn’t have to be a huge brand. Sometimes it’s ideal to begin with a startup brand and grow with them, especially if you’re relatively new on the scene. Another benefit to securing a brand partnership as an independent artist is that if you don’t have the resources for distribution and marketing just yet, the brand usually will.

Partnership Buzz

Being present in such a media-driven world, it’s become crucial for brands and entertainers of different spectrums to collaborate to create a new target crowd. Some of the best collaborations have created the most buzz on social media. Earlier this year, a very popular commercial involved Cardi B. playing the part of Amazon’s Alexa. No one really saw that coming, but that’s the aspect of the advert that created so much conversation and got people to love it. Not only can you collaborate with a brand by posting on social media, but you can utilize the other platforms available. YouTube has paved the way for collaborations to come to life through videos. Avicii had joined forces with Ralph Lauren Denim Supply and they both worked together to accentuate each other’s content. Ralph Lauren teased their clothing line for the upcoming season using his music, which attracted many Avicii fans to Ralph Lauren and a lot of Ralph Lauren followers were introduced to Avicii. Along with using his music to promote their new collection, Ralph Lauren made it an initiative to keep collaborating with him to propel both of them. Ralph Lauren began to sponsor events with Avicii to raise brand awareness, meanwhile helping to promote his album before its release. Sometimes, Avicii would give Ralph Lauren the permission to use an exclusive track which would create even more buzz.

Growing with Brands

As an entertainer of any level, you should have a strong connection with your audience and continue to build authentic relationships. Of course, some brands will look at superstars first for endorsements because of their strong following, but some brands specifically want new artists to grow with them. If they see an emerging artist with a tight-knit audience, they will try to recruit them so they can begin mapping out their collaboration journey. Working together, the brand may even give the artist a bigger budget than they may have already had to work with, in an effort to promote each other. More shows, events, and music promotion can happen with a bigger budget. With the fact that you can promote two brands at one unified event, your brand and your partnership brand both gain audience attention.

With the continued evolution of media, you can expect to keep seeing more brands collaborating with entertainers. Understanding how your career can shift from a brand partnership is key, but also ask yourself what you can do for the brand you’re collaborating with. In a relationship where both brands should benefit, it is important to try to seek a brand partnership, especially as a rising artist. Keep your relationship with your audience strong and continuously work to expand your crowd. Remember, the size of the brand should not matter, as long as the determination from both sides to market and grow is there.