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Why self-made music merchandise is proving so popular

One of the key components to building a successful career in modern times, is without a doubt, merchandise sales. In recent times, dance music merchandise has skyrocketed in popularity. Artists like Don Diablo has been marking a huge importance on his entire ‘Hexagon’ brand through the image that is worn upon the backs or heads of his fans, via t-shirts, hats, and flags. But whilst many major labels and DJs/producers favour the traditional methods of using big merchandise e-stores, such as Axwell’s ‘Axtone Apparel‘, or Tiësto’s ‘Musical Freedom store‘, many artists and producers are now choosing to self-create their own merchandise. Here are some tips on how you can capitalise on the latest branding trend to sweep the industry. Starting out Once you’ve nailed down your brand strategy, it’s time to decide what to sell. These products will represent your music and brand, so think carefully about your merchandise strategy from brand to products to distribution and profit. Keep it relevant. Do research to learn if there’s a market for your product. You can ask yourself ‘Does your audience want this?’ and ‘Is it unique to your brand?’ You’ll need to start slow. Test your audience’s appetite for your merchandise. Consider what kind of merchandise you want to offer and for how long you’ll want to offer it. Introduce one product/design at a time. […]

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