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Many musicians know about Spotify from a user’s perspective, but it’s important to look at it from an artist’s perspective. They tend to stare at their streams, wondering why they won’t go up, while we should ask ourselves: did I target my song to the right audience. It’s wiser to aim for a niche and score 10 out of 10, instead of blindly focusing on the mainstream mass-consumer. Your release strategy is linked to the music itself and to your identity as an artist.

Join Moon Jelly now to learn how to find the right people, how to get noticed by consumers as well as Spotify curators and industry professionals. We offer you the marketing templates and tools to make it as an artist!

No matter what music you make, Drake’s Spotify story is really inspiring to begin with. Read it here.

Are you releasing music on Spotify? These are the 3 basics:
– How to set up a decent Spotify profile
– How to get streams on Spotify
– How to get my tracks into playlists on Spotify

Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform today. Your social media has to be on point, but so does your Spotify account. On you’ll find all you need to know to set up a steady profile: upload your avatar, header, bio and add links to social media. You’ll get access into this portal once your first track is scheduled for release by either a label, by yourself or by a distributor. Check out their FAQ-section and educate yourself in advance of your release.

In order to generate streams on your tracks, you have to understand how Spotify works. Your listeners might visit your Spotify profile directly from your social media posts, but within Spotify itself, you can also get discovered by consumers who listen to artists who sound similar to you. Your song might get featured in a Spotify playlist with thousands of followers. You can make your own playlists too to get interaction with other artists and support each other. It’s good to have Spotify listeners, but don’t forget the value of a Spotify follower! Click here to find out why followers are so important on Spotify.

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You might have seen other artists use the words ‘presave my track’ in advance of their release. Here’s an inspiring article about Steve Angello and the pre-save marketing tool on Spotify. Our marketing templates are very valuable. We take you by the hand and guide you through a case step by step. In the case of Spotify streams, our template for social media marketing planning is the answer to your problem. Combine this with an article like the secret to creating an effective content calendar and you’re set to go!

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