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So, you’ve produced an amazing track, next Friday it will be released. Of course, you are going to post something cool about it. Everyone is going to see it! You’re so excited, you’re already counting the imaginary likes.

In your dreams.

Join Moon Jelly now to learn how to find the right people, how to get noticed by consumers as well as industry professionals. We offer you the marketing templates and tools to make it.

These days artists are struggling with algorithms, other artists stealing their shine and an overkill of new music. Designing a special header for Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter is not enough. Let’s talk about the marketing of your track: let’s talk about campaigns. A campaign is more than just creating artwork and talking about it on social media. There has to be a strategy behind your every move. To get a bigger perspective, get inspired by our article on campaigning for the controversial DJ Mag Top 100. Convert this knowledge for the release of your next single.

Every campaign has some basic must-haves:
– a strategy/vision
– a release date
– a timeline
– content

Setting a release date is important, but before you set a release date, think of your plan. You don’t want a single date to put too much pressure on the quality of your campaign. You want your music out there as soon as possible, but it’s never good to rush this part of the business.

When you come up with a strategy, have a vision. How are you going to entertain your followers regarding this release? What can you tell them about the song that’s appealing instead of just informing? Many producers think they have to post about the production process, but that’s usually only interesting to other producers. To the other “normal human beings” this is pretty boring stuff.

When there is no story, come up with one. Read this interesting article on Marshmello. A guy just like every producer, with a mask. But the mask is more than just a mask. What this teaches us, is that there’s more to an artist than good music. You need to get noticed before your music gets heard. How? Read this article on how to get noticed. Remember Oliver Heldens’ track ‘Gecko’? He took a gecko-puppet with him everywhere he went and posted many photos of it. Hell, he even wore a Pikachu outfit at one point in his career. It was fun to follow because it was entertaining.

Most people on social media are there for entertainment. When people scroll through their timelines, it’s usually because they are bored. Go and excite them!

Do you have your strategy in mind? Our template is a must-have, let’s start with releasing a track: social media marketing planning. Pick a release date and write down your personal storyline. Tease a preview for your followers in the days before the release, but also prepare what you’re going to talk about after the release date. Once your track is available, don’t treat it as if it’s old news. In the world of streaming, you can redirect anyone to hit that play button at any time!

Many people think of content first before they have a plan. Many get trapped by the thought “I need photos” instead of what kind of content would help in promoting their song. Your content is the outcome of your plan. Don’t think: I need to post photos. Do think: I want to achieve X with my music, what kind of photos help me with that?

If you have a decent content calendar you’re close to running a solid campaign. If your content has a viral quality, that would be amazing. We all dream to go viral one day, right? Just do it.


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